Friday, January 11

Jayson Musson

"Halcyon Days"

He was one my favorite characters in Philadelphia! I remember meeting him and wishing that he can be my friend so I can have a blasting experience during my stay there. His sarcasm and attitude cracks my mind cause he has a very *badass way of saying "Black Like Me" (also was the name of his column in Philadelphia Weekly). I'm surprised to see his new artworks as he had a very different take on to this "black" attitude. He wove stacks of Coogi sweaters (we are familiar with the apparel brand as being Bill Cosby's favorite sweater in his show and rappers like The Notorious B.I.G populiarized the brand by calling "cool gangster/coogi") and called his exhibition's name Halcyon Days, where Halcyon bird  is known as a kingfisher that resides in sub-Saharan Africa and so is the name of the the bird in Greek legend that is now used as a term for peace or calmness. So you get the idea.

* You need to check out Jayson Musson's early works to see what kind of humor I'm talking about.

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