Friday, November 13

Frank Horvat

Ad for Chantelle lingerie, 1958, Paris
Mondrian fashion by Saint Laurent, Harper's Bazaar, 1964, Madrid, Spain
Hitchcock Issue (b), Vogue France, 1974, Paris

Hitchcock Issue (p), Vogue France, 1974, Paris

Being the key figure in fashion photography in 50s, 60s and 70s Frank Horvart worked for many popular publications such as Picture Post, Paris Match and Life. His first photoshoot was for Elle in 1985. You can visit Galerie Hiltawsky in Berlin until 1st of March to see more of his work!

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Saturday, October 3


"Enough of symbolism and these escapist themes of purity and innocence."

Friday, September 4

Quote by Mevlana

Don’t be aquiver with love for yourself.
Let someone else do this for you.
I swear by your soul that
There is no enemy of yourself
But you.

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, Divan-I Kebir 7, Verse 381

Friday, July 31

Minimalist Candyland

Commisioned by Plastik Magazine with Texas-based photograpger Matt Crump the series  #MinimalBeirut is born.

Turning Beirut into a minimalist Candyland is contradictory in color and humor send overshadowing the city's past of wars and context. 

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Friday, July 24

Yumna - Northern Yemen

Born in 1988 and growing up in Washington DC. , Yumna Al-Arashi studied International Politics with a focus on the Middle East in The New School. Named Up and Coming Female Journalist by Forbes Magazine in 2011, she's currently working on a documentary on Middle East - as foreseen- by receiving support from The US Department of state of Art in Embassies, National Geographic Abu Dhabi and VSCO.

Saturday, May 2

Absence Of Water

Gigi Cifali's "Absence of Water"series documents the abandoned public swimming pools in England. Beautiful imagery but a sad sound is according  them...

Saturday, December 13

Emma Phillips - Salt Mines

Melbourne-based photographer Emma Phillips's self published book is a raw description of salt mines in Nullabor Plain, in Western Australia. It's in the category of  "hard to believe" landscape imagery.

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Saturday, October 18

Response, Sea by Laura Plageman

Artist and educator at the same time Laura Plageman lives and works in Oakland, CA.
Examining the natural world, her images maintains the reality while focusing into a distortion that would present a scene of mystery, beauty and constant change.

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Monday, August 25

Up in the Air - Antoine Rose

As a self-taught photographer originated from Belgium, Antione Rose was the official photographer for Kitesurfing World Cup in recent years. He traveled around the globe from South Africa to Istanbul to capture his magical moments and also commissioned his work for worldwide advertising campaigns. Going towards a minimalistic path following the "art for art" concept from watching above "an eye in the sky" that has began back in 2002, he landscapes these beach series from helicopters above Miami beaches to capture social patterns for his the art sake.  

Wednesday, August 13

Noe Sendas

Berlin based Belgian artist Noé  Sendas' work is weirdly fun and intriguing! After graduating from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA; Royal College of Arts, London; Acro and Atelier Livre, Lisbon and working with film, sculpture and photography dragged him to develop such images that has cinematic and literary references. 

I would like to call this collected series"Lost Women"....

Wednesday, July 16

The Nude Label

The Nude Label is established by Clara Ropero and Ana Alemany to become an emerging underwear brand that approaches a women's intimate uniform in an odd but intriguingly in a conceptual way. Individualism and the expression of inner beauty is the emphasis on the minimalistic aesthetic on playing the role of being comfortable. %100 made in Spain made with best cotton and elastane  is the key for our times now...

Photograpy: Lena C. Emery
Styling: Luke Raymond
Art Direction: Luciana Britton Newell
Makeup: Nami Yoshida
Model: Yulia Musieichuck

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Tuesday, July 8

Ho-Ryon Lee

Oil Paintings of Ho-Ryon Lee are totally breathtaking in appreciating the materials and subject he uses and capturing the sensual movements of a women while playing herself in flirtatious ways to a dedicated one...

He studied Painting in Hannam Univ. Daejon, South Korea and in Hong-Ik Univ in Seoul and recently goes to London College of Communication in London, UK for Photography. "The suggestive and overlapping images are based on actual photos taken by the artist and then painted on canvas." (Art Crush: Ho-Ryon Lee)

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