Thursday, February 2

Holy Spirits - White Walls crafted by Nathaniel Whitcomb

I love collage but motion collage!? I'm much more in love right now!

Digging deep for GIFs nowadays especially the ones that comes with cool mixtapes!
- check out my friends' blog Jumpy Potato,  will have a post about the designers as soon as they publish their new website. Though I've been craving to work on my own collage posts lately, if you didn't catch it here it is "Falling down as a Ghost".  I will post a new one soon...

This "motion collage" phenomenon is something new to me and the fact that it sings about the white wall and depicts it in such charming way mesmerized me as I was just working on a piece last night similar to the "white wall" concept myself! When it's done I'll let you know!

For now let's enjoy this piece that was created for Holy Spirits debut ep "The Afternoon Blood" where the 40 year old National Geographic magazines were hand cut, scanned and digitally assembled by talented artist Nathaniel Whitcomb. It works magically with the song  in a bit of spooky way. The wall appearing in these retro images  recalls the wall in Space Odessey to me, it's almost like a secret message delivered to us now - considering that we are in 2012 now!

(sad news:  I just discovered that the group fell apart last year :( I guess it makes them much more valuable for the time being... )

via Schmooze Blog

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