Friday, November 19

Kenno Apatrida

Here is a Peruvian artist Kenno  – who has taken on the name Kenno Apatrida, apatrida being Spanish for ‘stateless’ – experienced a very different notion of the artistic travel abroad, by being exiled from Germany suffering from many complications followed by the fall of Berlin. Turning his 'stateless' state into an artistic meditation on the concept of ownership, Kenno collected belongings of people that are left out in empty buildings in Berlin where these objects would take a stand in his work as representations of abandoned life by becoming recycled identities. His installations add more meaning to his artistic meditation coming out as a series of shamanistic rituals.

In his gallery's presentation PDF it was mentioned that "Only on closer inspection we discern a number of figures familiar from the visual language of Hieronymous Bosch (1450 – 1516), whose Renaissance imagery has influenced the work of Kenno Apatrida beyond the aspect of iconography." I'm not sure if his figure/figurines are similar to Bosch's but I can totally see the influence. Bosch would be a great topic for me to cover in the future but if I start with Renaissance I can get pretty lost so let's say hopefully maybe someday... 

From Kenno Apatrida's "Exhumation" exhibition:

 Call a Cop - Berlin Utopia Proposal, 1995 – 2008
acrylic and ink on paper marouflé mounted on canvas, 330 x 250 cm

Capital Death Dance, 2008
ink and gouache on paper, 41 x 51 cm

Old Collage Rearrange in Berlin, 2008
mixed media, 53 x 53 cm

Mars Utopias, detail, 1993 – 2009

Skull 2, 2009
painted paper mache, 29 x 39 x 26 cm

 Waxed Ancestor, 2008
mixed media, 72 x 55 cm

Crying Elk, 2008
70 x 40 x 14 cm
mixed media

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